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As it has been years since I wrote these blog posts I would like to update contact information. I am Kathryn Paulsen . My phone number is 801-699-4435. The blog titled "Helen, Here we go" found under older blog posts, is a post of a presentation that explains the function and order of Helen's Atom. Helen's Atom I believe to be the exact way atoms especially electrons are put together. It is a periodic table that visualizes the function of atoms. Because it is a picture scientific concepts become understandable. Really I can and you can visualize and recognize truth represented by these two dimensional drawings. Truth seems to fit into these 7 circles! Quantum can be visualized into four pictures. The chart of elements stays the same- the colors change to show four aspects of quantum energy. It is understandable which is something lacking in other scientific explanations. The first quantum energy is "How close to the center is the element found-- all elements on a specific energy lever 1-7 share that energy. The second quantum energy is where is the element found on the circumference - which ray of 8 is the element on determines its second kind of energy . One energy is related to the spin of each electron. Another part of Quantum energy -the 4th according to when Helen wrote in 1987, is related to waves- crest and trough. Truth is always meant to give understanding not confusion! This Table/Model gives visualization exactly what we all need for understanding and what Einstien believed was missing from the formulas of Quantum Phyisics. I believed it can be learned about as easy as it is for 8 year olds to learn times tables. It takes some study of the pattern and the principles then wow! It follows an exacting pattern. For any questions please contact me. Kathryn Paulsen 801-699-4435 9829 Granite Slope Drive Sandy, Utah 84092

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Follow the pattern

When we were young we would be given a pattern of shapes or beads and ask what comes next. By studying the previous pattern we could choose the completion of the pattern. Chiasmi are a pattern by which we can predict the ending from the beginning. The Periodic Chart with electrons being given definite positions as arranged by Helen A. Pawlowski has a distinct pattern which could be extended forever if we choose to go that far.
The pattern consists of seven circles with a polarity line dividing it in half. Families of elements with similar properties are located on the eight rays , four on the right and four on the left side. The pattern of where the next element is located is like butterfly wings or ∞ infinity symbol. Add four to the right then flip and add four to the left.
I think comparing the atom to our heart gives us an understanding of atoms. Both right and left heart are essential and yet function differently. The heart muscles must function two ways to contract and push blood out of the heart and to relax and allow blood to flow into the heart. With this combination of giving out blood and receiving blood and each side doing its different part we have life giving blood flowing through our bodies. Both the right and the left contact and relax, receive blood in and push it out.
In elements the electrons that are closest to the outside of the right side give or share when in contact with other atoms which is always. The electrons on the outside circle that end on the left side are receivers.
In the scriptures the Lord often tells us we want to be found on the right-hand side. In the atom that literally means to be a giver of electrons. The left side is certainly important but we don’t want to be found with morewanting to receive empty holes than we have giving, right side electrons. It would be like the heart always wanting to receive blood but not giving any out.
The Lord provides this opportunity of giving and sharing to everyone who comes to earth and we interact first of all in families and in all ways with one another. Parenthood is certainly an exercise in giving and caring. Babies all come needing love and care Parenthood means sleepless nights serving and it continues into the teenage years. Loving in families is like constant giving out of power and energy and forgiveness , or it should be.
The flow of electrons is energy, power, --maybe priesthood is ability to use this flow of electrons. As one atom gives off its electrons it receives more so it can again give off. Receiving is necessary to give again.
Body and spirit inseparably connected bring a fullness of joy. This will happen at resurrection but it begins with birth onto this earth. We received a body and a family. A physical body is a treasure. Satan and his hosts will never receive their own. Satan wants to possess our bodies here on earth. It seems when Heavenly Father gave Adam work it was about giving, loving, caring and chasing Satan away. Work and giving and light are connected. Satan does not like work or love. Notice how you feel better when you work real intently on something or love someone very much.
Jesus Christ and other Men of God have shown us that it is possible to have dominion over the physical, like parting the Red Sea, moving mountains, stopping the mouths of lions, raising the dead, multiplying food, controlling the weather, armies being victorious, walking on water, and having an abundance of food, clothing, shelter, health, the renewing of our bodies and many other physical things I have not mentioned that you can think of. Of course the greatest is Jesus Christ overcoming physical death first for himself and then for us. He also gave us the atonement to overcome sin and pain and know and understand every suffering we go through to have perfect compassion and love.
The center of the atom is protons with a positive charge. They pull electrons back to the atom. They are like a come home female force. The pattern of husband and wife sealed is this left right, outside and center balance. As in the heart male and female have different functions each essential to the whole.
The chiastic pattern of x is like ∞ .
We are each both beggars and givers. We are always dependent upon God as King Mosiah tells us even for every breath. Yet in our lives we should strive to be givers. We are as mirrors in the sealing rooms; there is the chandelier giving us love and light and we show strive to reflect that love and light back and forth among us increasing the original light by our reflections. ∞ Receiving then shinning back the love and light sent to us from God and each other.
There are 8 elements on Helen’s Chart that she named sliders and I call super-givers. These 8 elements have a chiastic structure in the arrangement of their electrons. Examples are 20 Calcium 2 8 8 2 ; 56 Barium 2 8 18 18 8 2 . Calcium shares its outside last two electrons with the elements 21-28 the next 8 elements. Barium shares it outside last two electrons with the next 22 elements 57 through 78. This chiastic structure truly makes these last two electrons super givers.
For me what I see in this pattern is about following the Savior’s directive to become even as he is. To be a Savior on Mt. Zion we must be like being Barium’s last two electrons giving for 22 others or many more. How can I lift and share and love others is my message of this pattern.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Connections –New Inventions-Prosperity-God’s Laws

Recently in studying history of Islam I learned that before 1492 Muslim counties knew Algebra and decimal systems. They did long distant banking and were a very “successful Nation”. They paid no attention to Europe where they had been in the dark ages for centuries. Yet after 1492 with Columbus discovering America and Gutenberg getting the press idea from China Europe blossomed. The explorers of the world now came from Europe trying to get to the East Indies. Europe became the center of new learning, the reformation the Bible becoming available to be read by the people, a time of great painting many religious and music also much religious music, and Europe becoming the leader of the world.
Einstein gave the world E= MC2. Energy equals Mass times the square of the speed of light.
“The speed of light, of course, is huge. Squared it is almost inconceivable bigger. This is why a tiny amount of matter, if converted completely into energy, has an enormous punch. A kilogram of mass would convert into approximately 25 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. More vividly: the energy in the mass of one raisin could supply most of New York City’s energy needs for a day.” ( Einstein His Life and Universe. Walter Isaacson p.139 )
Einstein came from Germany and was a Jew. He came to America before the war. ,E=MC2 was the foundation needed to make an atomic bomb. Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt convincing him that through nuclear reactions a bomb could be built and another letter urging him to consider whether the American work was proceeding quickly enough. Einstein did not participate in the bomb project other than providing the principles needed and telling the president it was possible. There was another great scientist, Heisenberg, a German who stayed in Germany. The American Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb believed that Heisenberg would also figure out the atomic bomb. He did not. And you know the end. America won the war.
Werner Heisenberg formulated the uncertainty principle that Einstein spent years resisting. He did not figure out the atomic bomb for Germany.
America was given the knowledge needed to win the war and it came from truth about matter –science- not from religious leaders or the prophet of that time.
Helen’s atom refutes the uncertainty principle and gives electrons exacting positions. I am sure Helen and Einstein are angels on the other side trying to help me convince others seeking truth of the great order that does exist in every atom.
The idea came to my mind that knowing the order in the atom is powerful knowledge that can lead to new sources of energy. Maybe someone will take this knowledge and figure out cold fusion or other great and wonderful things. I see the connections to God’s Law and to generosity, to work and service and love and to eternal progression-to progression in our lives toward Godhood-to family organization, to laws of creation requiring polarity man and woman and every power requiring opposites.

Helen tried to give this knowledge to the world in 1987 she sent out approximately 200 copies to universities and science centers. No one paid any attention. Helen Pawlowski, Paul Williams and LaVon Finlinson have spent their lives trying to give the knowledge to a world that basically is not listening.
“An inventor told Napoleon that he would build him a new type of ship that could travel using steam rather than sails. Napoleon dismissed him as crazy. … The visitor was Robert Fulton.” (Einstein His Life and Universe. Walter Isaacson. p 476.)
How the Lord will disseminate this knowledge I do not know, but it will be in His Time and His Way. It has the power to bless and prosper those who search for and use truth.
Moses 7:62 And righteousness will I send down out of heaven; and truth will I send forth out of the earth, to bear testimony of mine Only Begotten:… and righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine elect from the four quarter of the earth, unto a place which I shall prepare, an Holy City, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion, a New Jerusalem.
This sounds like this truth of the order of the atom may be used in the New Jerusalem.

Note to my friend Yvonne: Printing press first assembled in Western Europe in Germany about 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Opposities + Balance= Power

20 There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated- 21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated. Doctrine and Covenants 130
This life is a test to see if we will be obedient to God’s Law. The War in Heaven was fought over giving us free agency the ability to choose to obey God’s Laws. God Laws are found in every atom.
We must be found on the right side is all about a polarity line with the elements found with electrons ending on the right side being givers. They enter into reactions giving or sharing electrons. Those elements found on the left Rays V, VI and VII are receivers. They want to receive electrons. The polarity Line is in the middle of every atom. Yet there is no interaction without both giving and receiving. Both a left and a right. The atom is a whole circle.
There are 5 elements on each of the 3 Rays V, VI, VII making 15 elements that want to receive. There are 6 noble gases along the South Polarity Line who do not easily interact with other elements having all rays filled. #46 Palladium has an electron configuration of 2-8-18-18. It is a transitional element where the sliders have already slid giving it basically and inert valence. There are 92 naturally occurring elements. 15+6+1=22 92-22=70 elements that give electrons. 70/15=4 2/3 more elements that give electrons to 1 that receives. 4 and 2/3 givers to 1 receiver. So the balance of God is definitely more than 4 times to be on the right giving side. This law is found in the atom.
Yet both giving and receiving is necessary for power. Newton tells us for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In Helen’s Atom we find the balance of powers.
North Pole and South Pole = Magnetism
Negative Electron Charge and Positive Proton Charge = Electricity
Right Side Ending Electrons that Give and Left Side Ending Electrons that receive = All Bonding
Male giving and Female Receiving = All Creation
Same sexs will never multiply or create!------God’s first commandment to Adam and Eve!
Other opposites found in the atom are counter-clock-wise spin and clock-wise spin. I feel that gravity may be the balance of these two spins.
Could spin up+ spin down = gravity ?
Opposites make power.
There are also waves found with particles. These waves found in Helen’s Quantum 4 also are opposites some starting at the crest and some at the trough. (I admit limited knowledge relating to waves)
To receive blessings from God laws must be obeyed. Opposites and Balance make power. To keep the Law there must be Opposites
Man + Woman = Creation
Creation may be the greatest power of God has given to Humans on Earth and in Heaven.
God is our Father. There is a Mother in Heaven for us to be his spirit children.
And the secrets as Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol points out the Bible tells us “Ye are Gods” There atom teaches us about bonding. Gods come in pairs Male and Female.
Eternal Life is not singles, or same sex. Eternal Life is working together as Opposites, keeping God’s laws of giving, loving, concern, helping, sharing, kindness, and patience keep going don’t give up. There is a veil on this earth hiding the reward of passing the test. Will you choose to do good believing without seeing that doing good has greater rewards than the heart can imagine or the eye can see.
This law of opposites and balance is found in every atom. All Things, every small thing, Testifies of God.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day –Saints has 130 operating temples throughout the world. In these temples members make covenants to serve God and live the laws required to have a Zion society, much the same as love God and love your neighbor. Brides and Grooms are married for time and all eternity by the power of the Holy Priesthood. This sealing together can be done for first marriages, marriages after civil marriages and for the deceased as others stand proxy for them. These couples are promised that as they keep these laws, serve God and others, they may progress to like God. Yes, Godhood is within us according to our choices for righteousness. No one replaces God but instead follows as he leads the way into Eternity. Husband and wife together forever leads to greatest oneness that we do not yet comprehend.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exacting Order, Symmetry, Harmony, Beauty of Quantum Energy

Helen's Atom can be colored in four different ways to give us a picture of the 4 Quantum Energies. With no math but with 4 pictures Helen gives everyone understanding of what few understand partially mathematically. Quantum energy seems a mystery to most of us. What is it? Something that has a leap; it seems a leap of understanding that is suppose to accepted but not understood. Every element has unique energy that science has determined can be broken up into 4 different components. These 4 components are exactly related to the exacting positions given to each electron by Helen. So by coloring Helen's Atom 4 different ways the 4 unique components can be easily seen---No math needed. Quantum is explained as little packets of energy. It is not like a car speedometer that is a continuum instead it is like a tiny jump from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. This is because there is an exacting position of each electron. It is not found everywhere. It does not orbit. It has a seat, a chair, a position.
The Quantum Energies seem hard to read about in the textbooks and the numbering system of the 4 energies may not be exactly the same as Helen used when writing her book THE VISUALIZATION OF THE ATOM in 1990, however she gives us--everyone--- an understanding of Quantum by her 4 pictures.
Visualization #1 of Quantum First Energy shows that this energy is related to radius. How far are you from the center determines the first energy of each element.

Visualization #2 of Quantum Second Energy shows that where each electron is around the circumference Ray I, Ray II, Ray III, Ray IV, Ray V, Ray VI, Ray VII, Ray VIII determines the 2nd energy. This is how each element forms families or groups on the Standard Periodic Table. On Helen's Chart these families fit on the Rays or between Rays. The scientific term for elements between the Rays is Transitional Elements, First or Second (pink and purple on the chart). They are like children and grandchildren to Sliders who are like parents. Every Transitional Element has its valence (ability to give off 1 or 2 electrons) determined by Sliders (electrons found on Rays I & II)and one or two circles further out (example transitionals in circle 3 (21-28)have sliders in circle 4.
Science refers to these positions as s,p'd'f. Science tells us that there are 2 s electrons, 6 p electrons, 10 d electrons and 14 f electrons as the energy levels or circles get big enough to hold this many electrons (Circles 4 and 5 hold 14 purple f electrons). Helen's Atom fits this model perfectly.
Quantum 2 basically says Ray I and II have greater energy than the next 6 Rays. Transitionals one circle down have energy less than being on a Rays and there will be 10 of those---thus the 2 sliders add to the 8 positions already found around each circle starting with circle 3. The Transitionals found 2 circles down from their corresponding slider are called Second Transitionals and there are 14 of these (colored purple on the chart). Once around the atom with 8 then skipping the spaces taken by the sliders that have already slid and filling in the next 6 spaces between the rays there are 8+6=14. Exactly the number science told us 14 f electrons. Helen's atom fits perfectly giving a reason for each energy division. See Quantum #2. The visualization of sliders and Transitionals is easy to see on the Slider blog entry.

Visualization of Quantum #3 is my favorite. It's symmetry is beautiful and I will discuss it in the next post. It is spin --Opposities- one half positive, one half negative.

Visualization of Quantum #4 for Helen has to do with waves. Which ones start on the top crest, which ones start at the bottom or trough. Helen goes into a detailed explanation of this for this further information see her book. (Two Sisters and a Brother Blog Title gives information to get her book.)

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